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16', 8'

Reeds / Zungen

mellow, smooth, expressive

Manual + Pedal


Also: Dulciana, Dulcian Flute, Dulzian The Dulcian stop, also known as Dulciana or Dulcian Flute, is a gentle and soft string stop in a pipe organ. It is designed to produce a warm and mellow tone, similar to that of a woodwind instrument such as an oboe or a clarinet. The construction of a Dulcian stop typically involves pipes made of metal with a medium scale. The pipes are often cylindrical in shape and have a conical or slightly tapered bore. The Dulcian stop is characterized by its smooth and velvety sound, which is achieved through careful voicing and shaping of the pipes. When played, the Dulcian stop produces a soft and gentle tone that blends well with other stops. It is commonly found in the manual divisions of the organ and is often used for accompanying melodies, creating a serene and expressive atmosphere, or providing a subtle and supportive foundation to the music. The sound of the Dulcian stop is warm, lyrical, and comforting. It has a singing quality that can evoke a sense of introspection and tranquility. The Dulcian stop is versatile and can be used in various musical contexts, ranging from delicate solo passages to accompanying chorales or creating a gentle texture within the ensemble. Overall, the Dulcian stop adds a touch of elegance and sensitivity to the organ's tonal palette. Its soft and mellifluous character allows for expressive phrasing and creates a gentle and intimate atmosphere in organ music.

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