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16', 8', 4'

Flutes / Flöten

weich, sanft

Manual + Pedal


The Gedeckt stop in a pipe organ is a soft and gentle string stop that produces a warm and mellow tone. The word "Gedeckt" means "covered" in German, referring to the construction of the pipes. The construction of a Gedeckt stop involves pipes made of metal with a relatively large scale. The pipes are usually constructed with a closed or partially closed top, which helps to create a smooth and rounded sound. The Gedeckt stop is known for its ability to produce a rich and velvety timbre that blends well with other stops. When played, the Gedeckt stop produces a soft and warm tone that is often used for accompanying melodies or creating a serene and contemplative atmosphere in organ music. The sound of the Gedeckt stop has a gentle and enveloping quality, resembling the timbre of a soft string instrument such as a cello or a viola. The Gedeckt stop is commonly found in both the manual and pedal divisions of the organ. It is versatile and can be used in a variety of musical contexts, ranging from solo passages to supporting harmonies or creating a soft and delicate background texture. Overall, the Gedeckt stop adds depth, warmth, and richness to the organ's tonal palette. Its smooth and mellow character allows for expressive and lyrical playing, making it a valuable stop for creating nuanced and intimate musical expressions.

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