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32', 16'


Siehe: Prinzipal



The Principalbass register in a pipe organ is a foundational and resonant stop that produces strong and rich bass tones. It is an extension of the Principal register, specifically designed to provide a solid and prominent bass foundation to the instrument's overall sound. The pipes of the Principalbass register are typically constructed with a large scale and made of wood or metal, allowing them to generate deep and commanding bass notes. The Principalbass stop is primarily found in the pedal division of the organ and serves as the fundamental bass line for the instrument. It adds depth, weight, and stability to the overall tonal structure, anchoring the organ's sound and providing a strong harmonic foundation. The Principalbass register is capable of producing deep and resonant pedal tones, filling the space with a rich and sonorous presence. With its powerful and authoritative sound, the Principalbass register is often used to convey grandeur and strength in organ music. It adds depth and gravity to the low frequencies, enhancing the overall impact and richness of the organ's sound. The Principalbass stop is an essential component in creating a balanced and dynamic pipe organ, providing a strong and resonant bass presence that supports and complements the other registers and divisions of the instrument.

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