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2 2/3'

Prinzipal, Aliquot

bright, harmonious, vibrant



Also: Fifth The Fifth stop in a pipe organ refers to a compound stop that generates pitches at intervals of a perfect fifth above the fundamental pitch. It is constructed by combining the principal or foundation pipes with additional pipes that produce the pitches of the fifth intervals. The sound of the Fifth stop can vary depending on the specific construction and voicing of the organ. In general, the Fifth stop adds a bright and harmonic character to the organ's overall sound. It creates a distinct tonal color that is often described as bright, shimmering, or sparkling. The Fifth stop is commonly used in ensemble playing, where it adds depth and color to the organ's registrations. It is often combined with other stops to create a variety of tonal effects, such as creating a full and majestic sound in combination with foundation stops, or adding brilliance and color when combined with flutes or mixtures. Overall, the Fifth stop contributes to the versatility and expressive capabilities of the organ, providing harmonic richness and adding a vibrant and sparkling element to the instrument's tonal palette.

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