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8', 4', 2'

Flutes / Flöten

soft, gentle, flute-like



The Rohrflöte stop in a pipe organ is a gentle and delicate flute stop that produces a soft and warm tone. It is known for its smooth and rounded sound, reminiscent of the timbre of a wooden flute or recorder. The name "Rohrflöte" translates to "reed flute" in English, although it does not refer to a reed-based stop like a reed pipe. The construction of a Rohrflöte stop typically involves pipes made of metal with a cylindrical shape and a medium to large scale. The pipes are open at both ends and usually have a conical or slightly tapered bore. The Rohrflöte stop is characterized by its smooth and gentle airflow, which contributes to its soft and lyrical sound quality. The Rohrflöte stop is often found in both the manual and pedal divisions of the organ. It is used to provide a foundation of warmth and richness to the organ's overall sound. The Rohrflöte stop is versatile and can be used in various musical contexts, such as accompanying softer passages, creating ethereal effects, or blending with other stops to create lush and expressive registrations. When played, the Rohrflöte stop produces a soft and flute-like sound that is characterized by its purity and clarity. It has a calming and serene quality, often evoking a sense of tranquility and introspection in organ music. The gentle and expressive nature of the Rohrflöte stop makes it a popular choice for creating gentle and expressive tonal colors within the organ's tonal palette.

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