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Reeds / Zungen

mellow, veiled, mysterious


Also: Sourdun, Soft Bass The Sordun stop, also known as a "Sourdun" or "Soft Bass" stop, is a type of organ stop that produces a soft and mellow tone. It is designed to create a gentle and subdued sound quality, often used for accompanying quiet passages or providing a background texture in organ music. The construction of a Sordun stop involves specific design elements that contribute to its soft and muted sound. The pipes of a Sordun stop are typically constructed with a larger scale and made of wood. They may also incorporate special features, such as covered or partially covered pipes, additional stopper mechanisms, or specific voicing techniques that result in reduced volume and a more muted timbre. The Sordun stop is often found in the pedal division of the organ, providing a soft and supportive bass line. Its purpose is to create a gentle and unobtrusive foundation that enhances the overall tonal blend and allows other stops to shine more prominently. When played, the Sordun stop produces a soft and warm sound that adds depth and richness to the organ's texture without overpowering other stops or dominating the musical expression.

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