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Spanisch. Trompete







16', 8', 4'

Reeds / Zungen

fiery, vibrant, exuberant


Spanisch. Trompete

The Spanish Trumpet register in a pipe organ is a bold and brilliant reed stop that emulates the distinctive sound of a trumpet. It is characterized by its powerful and assertive timbre, similar to that of a brass instrument. The pipes of the Spanish Trumpet are typically constructed with a narrow scale and made of metal, allowing them to produce a penetrating and commanding sound. The Spanish Trumpet stop is often found in the manual divisions of the organ and is used to add a vibrant and majestic quality to the instrument's overall sound. It is well-suited for fanfare-like passages, triumphant melodies, or adding a regal character to the music. The Spanish Trumpet stop commands attention and brings a sense of brilliance and excitement to organ compositions. With its bold and penetrating sound, the Spanish Trumpet stop stands out in the organ's tonal palette. It has the ability to cut through the texture of the music and create a strong focal point. Whether used in solo passages or in combination with other stops, the Spanish Trumpet adds a touch of grandeur and power to the organ's sound, making it a prominent and striking element of the instrument's expression.

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