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Unda maris








Flutes / Flöten

subtle, shimmering, serene


Unda maris

Schwebung, tiefer In the context of a pipe organ, the term "Unda Maris" as a beating register refers to a specific stop configuration where two or more sets of pipes, typically of the same pitch and timbre, are intentionally detuned from each other. This intentional detuning creates a subtle beating or pulsating effect in the sound produced by the organ. The name "Unda Maris" translates from Latin as "waves of the sea," which alludes to the undulating or wavering quality created by the beating effect. This register is often used to simulate the shimmering and dynamic quality of ocean waves or to create a sense of movement and depth in the organ's sound. The Unda Maris beating register is typically found in the string or flute families of stops, and it is often used in combination with other stops to add a sense of richness and color to the organ's tonal palette. The beating effect produced by the Unda Maris can evoke a gentle and fluid quality, enhancing the expressiveness and musicality of the instrument.

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