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16', 8'

Strings / Streicher

rich, sonorous, noble

Manual + Pedal


The Violon register in a pipe organ is a deep and resonant string stop that produces a rich and powerful bass tone. It is characterized by its robust and full-bodied timbre, similar to the lower registers of a cello or double bass. The pipes of the Violon register are typically constructed with a large scale and made of wood or metal, enabling them to produce deep and commanding sounds. The Violon register is often located in the pedal division of the organ and is used to provide a strong foundation and depth to the instrument's overall sound. It adds weight and gravitas to the bass range, anchoring the organ's tonal structure and enhancing its overall balance. The Violon register can contribute to a wide range of musical styles, from providing a supportive bass line to delivering thunderous pedal tones that resonate throughout a space. Its deep and resonant tones bring a sense of richness and power to the organ's sound, making it an essential component of the instrument's tonal palette.

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